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Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard

ExtremeTech has a review of the Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard.  I personally don’t think it’s the most fantastic keyboard ever, but it is pretty cool.  As a gaming keyboard, the Reclusa comes up a bit short compared with gaming keyboards that preceded it. There’s no rearrangement of keys to cater to certain types of games, […]

Samsung YP-U3

Samsung has a very neat offering to compete with the iPod shuffle called the YP-U3. I’ll admit, the name is not quite as catchy (seems like the marketing department could use some help). Capacity: 1, 2, and 4GB 1″ OLED display Audio: MP3, WMA, and Ogg RDS Tuner 15 hours of battery life Dimensions: 25.4 […]

Wii gets it’s first mic

EA is going to be offering a new mic for the Wii being bundled with the game ‘Boogie’. According to this story at “The Wii version comes bundled with a microphone, it’s a USB microphone and it’s probably going to be the first mic for the Wii,” he said in a video interview with […] now with a new look!

We decided to change some things around in the old server to make it look MGB look a little better.  We hope you like the look! You can look forward to more posts, and more updates in the days to come. Thank you!