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Symantec Antivirus has a Zero-Day Vulnerability

Symantec announced that they have a zero-day vulnerability that can be used by hackers to gain access to systems. The zero-day vulnerability is do to the fact that Symantec Antivirus is susceptible to a remote code-execution wit System-level privileges. I like how this bites them where it hurts. I am sick of all of these […]

Techcrunch: Wine lovers rejoice. Web 2.0 for wine. has written a nice little blurb on a nice wine site;, designed in the age of web 2.0. I personally prefer It seems to be a little more intuitive. Check it out here. Number 2 in UK is the number two place to buy songs in the UK, behind iTunes, according to this story from the register. What ever happened to Napster? or Real? or Yahoo Music Store? or Microsofts store? It looks like it’s a tough market out there for anyone that isn’t Apple, and doesn’t sell songs for almost […]

The NSA Spies On United States Citizens

Wow, and we always thought that the United States was all about freedom…it turns out the U.S. government doesn’t trust its own citizens very much. When you make a phone call; think about the fact that there could be an overweight man eating potato chips listening in on you. He works for the NSA. Cool, […]