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Apple Prepays 1.25 Billion to Secure Flash Memory Supply

Apple has reached an agreement with Hynix, Intel, Micron, Samsung, and Toshiba to secure a steady supply of NAND flash memory through 2010. Apple will fork over 1.25 billion dollars over the next three months for the flash memory components. “We want to be able to produce as many of our wildly popular iPods as […]

Motorola and Skype Team Up, Introduce PC850 Headset

Motorola announced the release of the PC850 Skype Wireless Internet Calling Kit today. The kit features the Motorola H500 Bluetooth headset and the PC850 PC adapter. Combined, they make the perfect sollution for Skype. Simple plug in the PC adapter and you will be able to send and receive calls within 30 feet of your […]

Gadget Brando Night Vision Camera Review

The Gadget Brando Night Vision Camera gets reviewed (with possibly the least text I’ve seen in a review, nice pictures though) by Get in Gear! They found the night vision camera to be quite sufficient for a low-cost alternative. The camera can be connected to a regular TV, Monitor, or VCR, and is supposedly plug-and-play. […]

X-Micro Mini DiscGo 20GB Review

The Overclockers of Australia have reviewed the X-Micro Mini DiscGo 20GB portable disc drive. The little drive is quite spendy at about $199 suggested retail, but it makes up for it in it’s appeal, and size. Let’s just jump to their conclusion: This is a very cool little gadget. I can tell it’s cool, not […]

Orange SPV M5000 Communicator

The button filled Orange SPV M5000 communicator gets reviewed. It is a direct competitor to the Nokia 9300 communicator. The Orange SPV M5000 includes a 1.3 MP camera, Windows Mobile 5.0, and 10,000 buttons (kidding, kidding). The review conclusion from infoSync World: What’s positive:Unparallelled connectivity; powerful; outstanding thumbboard; persistent memory What’s negative:On the verge of […]

Razer Announces Tarantula Gaming Keyboard

The gaming crazies over at Razer have a new product for you to drool over. They announced the Tarantula Gaming Keyboard and it is obviously built to compete with the Logitech’s latest gaming keyboard. We recently took a look at the competition in gaming mice between Logitech and Razer, and we found Logitech’s offering a […] Gives a Video Review of the Atari Flashback 2 got their hands on the Atari Flashback 2 system. They dont say too much about it other than it is smaller, and keeps Atari’s classic look. It comes with 2 vintage looking joysticks, and has 40 built in games. You can play these classic games for only around $30. It can be picked up […]

ColdHeat Gets a Lousy Review

Some guy with a blog called NewTech Inc. has a brief review of the ColdHeat soldering iron. He complains that the soldering iron doesn’t work at all, and it actually ruined the motherboard he was working on (which he explains is actually a disclaimer on the box, don’t use on electronics). The reason cold heat […]

Motorola Introduces SCREEN3 Technology

Motorolla has come up with a way to get news, sports, entertainment, and other content onto the homepage of your cell phone. The new technology will take away the need to connect with your mobile phone’s web browser to get information. In fact, you won’t even have to press a button to get the updates. […]

Intel Powered iBook Coming in January?

According to Think Secret, Apple is planning a debut of an Intel powered iBook. The unveiling will supposedly take place at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Other than that, Think Secret doesn’t have much more information for us. They don’t have any information about what type of Intel processors will be seen, or what […]