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Game Boy Micro Review

Do you want the game Boy Micro? Still undecided? Well, PCmag has reviewed the little guy; it turns out they love it! I must admit; I have had every Game Boy since the green screen monster that first came out. The little Game Boy Micro looks very sleek, and stylish. The Micro is very reasonably […]

Muji Waterproof Speaker

Have you ever wanted to listen to your music in the rain, or how about the shower? Well, leave it to Muji to release the $65 waterproof speaker. The Muji is a pretty good idea, but one concern…Where do you put the non-water-resistant player? Unless this thing is bluetooth compatible (which it isn’t), then it […]

Stikfas at ThinkGeek

Thinkgeek has started selling the stikfas action figures. They are about 3.2″ tall and have about 14 points of ball-jointed movement capabilites. Apparently people have been creating stop motion movies using the figures that have been quite impressive (although, I have yet to find one of these movies). I don’t think I’m creative enough to […]

Philips launches new GoGear Jukeboxes

Philips is launching a new set of players in their GoGear line. They are the HDD1630, and the HDD6330. The HDD1630 features 6 GB of storage, and the HDD6330 features a storage capacity of 30 GB (which they call impressive, but I find it is quite average now…). The players feature an FM tuner, 18 […]

Asono Mica review

CNET has gotten their hands on the Asono Mica portable MP3 player. They reviewed the 512MB white version, which is priced at a spendy $159. It would appear to be in direct competition with the iPod Shuffle, and CNET notes that it falls pretty short of meeting already hightened expectations. The 10 hour battery life, […]

Seura Television Mirror

Seura, Inc. has created the ultimate in bathroom luxuries. It is the Seura television mirror. They have incorporated the television into the mirror to conserve space, while providing elegant entertainment. The LCD comes in the standard size of 13″; but can be ordered in custom mirror, and LCD sizes. As an example, the 13″ LCD […]

Pantech announces PG-8000 mobile phone

Pantech has announced the PG-8000 mobile phone in South Korea. It is a very snazzy lookin’ phone with some serious specifications. It starts with a 2 megapixel camera on the backside of the phone. On the other side it includes a wide screen horizontal LCD display (which is different, but cool). The phone is able […]