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Computer camp replaces summer camp for some

This is a camp that, as a child, I would have loved to go to (yes, I am a geek). You get to spend a week designing video games, creating multimedia content, working with websites, and all sorts of neat technology related things. When I was a kid, I had the honor of going to […]

iPod photo the Sony PSP killer?

Well, the title of the story is a little misleading, but apparently the iPod photo is going to be updated with a version of the Tetris game in it’s new firmware. I wonder how well it is going to play? I actually started getting hooked on the blocks game that is included with all iPods. […]

Toshiba and Canon to build new HDTV factory

Toshiba and Canon will be spending $1.7 billion in building a factory for a new type of flat-panel TV called SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display). What does this mean for us, the consumer? Well, it turns out that the SED displays have a little CRT, and LCD mixed together to compete with plasma tv’s (lowering prices […]

Dell wants to conquer all!

Dell is looking to become more of a behemoth than it already is by expanding into the consumer electronics even further. They have been discussing creating new lines for digital cameras, cell phones, and expanding it’s current consumer electronic offerings. They already have quality HDTV’s, and PDA’s. They are expected to make $60 billion in […]

Sprint PPC-6600 Reviewed has reviewed the Sprint PPC-660 and found it to be a very powerful handheld. In fact, it is Sprints most powerful handheld. The downfall to this; it doesn’t compare to Cingular, T-Mobile, or Verizon’s offerings (no high-speed network, and the camera is sub-par). Full Review []

Hitachi announces a new line of HDTV’s

Hitachi has recently announced that they will be releasing a plethora of new HDTV models, one going up as high as 55 inches. From Cnet news: New LCD-based flat-panel HDTV models come in three sizes. The 26-inch model is due in August, priced at $1,999; the 32-inch model in September, priced at $2699; and the […]

The Banana phone cover!

An entrepreneur in San Francisco has created (and currently on sale) the banana shaped cell phone case. This is one beautiful product. Imagine the envy of your friends when you pull the banana out of your pocket and start talking into it (along with the obligatory “Is that a banana in your pocket, or are […]

Samsung and TI team up with DMB offering

This is the second DMB phone we have covered, this time it is from Samsung, and TI. They have announced a phone that receives digital TV signals from the Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) satellites. This is, of course, only available in Korea right now, although we can dream that it will come to the other […]

Crazy looking PC coolers

The first picture above is a graphics card cooler from Evercool titled the VC-F117 Nighthawk Universal VGA cooler. I can only guess this one was designed with looks before effectiveness. I guess it could be cool if you have a clear-paneled case, but it still looks pretty goofy to me! The lower picture is also […]

Water Powered Clock

This is a digital clock that is magically (well, it’s not magic, but pretty still pretty cool) powered by water. It does not plug in, nor does it have batteries! This is how it works (from; The internal converter simply extracts electrons from water (or other liquid) molecules and provides a steady stream of […]