Teclast M66 PMP gets high-def, but no touchscreen

Teclast M66 MPM

Teclast has released a few more details, and another screenshot of it’s upcoming portable media player. The Teclast M66 will include high-def resolution capable of 720p using the RK2806 chipset by Rockchips. The M66 has recently been given a makeover by Teclast, and looks a bit better now with a row of touch-sensitive buttons along the bottom of the player. It includes a 5-inch low temperature poly-solicon screen.

The player will support H.264 MKV, RM / RMVB, and AVI video support.

[via pmptoday]

Cool Tool: Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries

 eneloop I guess I didn’t know this about NiMH batteries, and it’s pretty interesting.

Some people know this, some people don’t, but standard rechargeable NiMHs self-discharge, constantly losing energy (even when not in use), so people often end up with powerless cameras at weddings or powerless radios or flashlights in survival situations. I’ve found it’s quite possible for the energy in them to have halved after a month or two, and with some older cells I have, the dive can be much faster. Although Eneloops have a quoted total charge capacity that can be smaller than the best premium NiMHs, they lose their charge at a much lower rate – the company says as little as only 15% a year — because of their design. They’re also Cadmium-free, which is supposed to better for the environment.

I guess it’s probably time for me to pick up some Eneloop batteries from the local store for the Wii I have sitting around.


Beta version of Open-Source video codec Ogg Theora released

I really haven’t gotten into Ogg Vorbis, but maybe I’ll give Ogg Theora a try.  The problem really comes down to the fact that not many portable devices, or set-top boxes support the Ogg formats. 

From heise.de:

Six years after the project was launched, developers at the Xiph.Org Foundation have released a beta version of the free video codec called Ogg Theora. The source code of the libtheora 1.0 Beta 1 codec library can be downloaded from the developer website.


Best Computer Rigs Contest – Gizmodo

sweet computer rig  Gizmodo is having a ‘Best Computer Rigs’ contest.  Some of these pictures are insane.  I don’t think I’ve seen so many fluorescent lights in quite a long time.

After a Gizmodo reader sent us a photo of his amazing Star Wars-meet-CTU-meet-Firefly computer setup at the end of his LEGO Collectors Millennium Falcon unboxing images, we thought it could be a good idea to do a mini-contest to know what kind of cool rigs do you have.

Reader Participation: Giz Readers’ Best Computer Rigs Contest – Gizmodo

Tekzilla Episode 1 – The Adventure Begins!

Just a heads up:

It’s the very first episode of Tekzilla: Jessica Corbin and Patrick Norton.

This is definitely something that will be added to my list of shows to watch.  I haven’t seen the episode, but it’s a cross between dl.tv, and The Screensavers from the old TechTV days.

I’m guessing it will be a quite successful show.


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